Let's go to the countryside!



Amazingly calm... Birds are singing... The soft melody comes from their voices... Some leaves shivering... Blue-green waters... And us! Enjoying the fresh air & the magnificent view in front of our eyes. We keep on being that busy that we do not even notice all this beauty around us - always hurrying to the work, then somewhere to eat, to have fun etc. What about to look around & to ENJOY.... Immerse yourself into this wonderful spirit of a pure nature surroundings...

Let's go to the country! Just 2 of us. - I said and we went for a trip to the little lovely village with a nice lake with 4 white swans. How amazing they are. Did you know that if swan looses his couple, he never searches for the new one? He stays faithful for just one heart, one soul for the rest of his life. This is truly beautiful.

I knew that this weekend would be important for me, therefore, 3 weeks beforehand I selected some new items @ this website.

I, of course, knew that it had to be some simple things, as it is the countryside, however, I wanted so much to choose something what coincide my innner feelings. In brief, I wanted to feel comfortable, still - nice.

Therefore, I went for the following things:

Trendy and comfortable shoes: which perfectly suited all my clothes in my "countryside" bag


White shic blouse, which perfectly match my jeans shorts:


I also took a black tank, fo a change:



As for the next day, I forsaw a white shiffon dress (it was so hot these days, so I was content with my choice of a white beautiful item):


Of course, I couldn't resist in swimming in this extremely hot weather, so I was happy to have this beautiful bright swimsuit:


A perfect match shiffon coverup for the turquoise swimsuit:


Just to be on the safe side, I took another swimsuit as well (the most practical thing in my bag as the order was one but I had 3 pieces at once - swimwear and bikini):



And for the evening ( for the sunset time) I took one pair of blue jeans & a cozy knit khaki cardigan:


And a pair of flat nice shoes:


Nonetheless, the zest of my country wardrobe was this denim mini dress:


I felt so fantastic in it!!!

P.S: You know i didn't tell you the most important thing. It was't a simple village where I went. It was the countryside, which I used to spend my summers with my dear granny, who learned me kindness, wisdom & honesty... Where I played with my friends when I was a littly girl... Where I was swimming, fishing, dancing, singing... Where I learned to appreciate the work of people and the pure nature.

That's why this trip had so much of importance to me. Believe me, I'll return there again and again, because we are nothing without our roots.

See you soon,

Your Fashion Friend,

Brand Ambassador hisandherfashion

Alla Banquy



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