New Brand Ambassador


Hello everyone! 

Finally, finally this day has arrived and I can introduce myself to you :)

My name is Alla Banquy and I am the new Ambassador of the amazing Global brand hisandherfashion

Fashion is not only my profession but my emotional session ;) 

Who wouldn't agree that the best remedy, the best receipt to unwind & have a good mood is just to organise an online shopping tour and search for some new fancy dress?;)

In this blog I will share my thoughts, insights & inpirational tips with you to help you to make the most of your daily look, as well as special party/event/occassion one! 

Also I will talk here about my life, my daily routine, which I try to turn into unforgettable prescious moments... I am a real Life Lover, I feel, I create & I organise my happy days myself personally.

I am sure that active users will take the most of my blog and take their style into the next level!

Right now I am packing my luggage for my journey to the countryside for the romantic trip in the nature surroundings. Wanna know what I take in my bag to stay stylish even in the country place?:)

So... Stay tuned ;) I promise to share my luggage in my following post! 

Once again I am happy to be your new fashion friend and hope to get some of your welcoming :)

See you soon,

Your Fashion Friend,

Alla Banquy


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